Day 13 Hair Detox and Roc Pore Minimizing Cream Cleanser Review

by aliceinloubieland

So my hair is looking fly as it could possibly be! I went running last night and boy it sure was windy! It surprised me to see other girls running around the same time as me in my neighborhood but it makes me feel safer. Anyway, I took a hot shower to get the oils and waxiness out of my hair, then a cold one to close the cuticles and my pores. The feeling was great. I slept in my hair partially wet and this morning, poof! Lovely bed hair. Amazingly, it doesn’t feel greasy. Just a bit waxy on my crown as usual. No BS for today. Ever since I started this detox, my scalp doesn’t itch anymore. Two thumbs up!

I’m even considering on skipping out vinegar and just washing my hair with water whenever I need a washing. When I used vinegar, there was always a small trace of it left. I could smell it whenever I worked out. Nowadays I don’t even reach for that spray bottle. Oh how time flies! Nearly 2 weeks have gone by, and I haven’t yet been eager to ditch this detox like 2 years ago. I’m very glad I tried it out. My next try would be aspirin and honey mask. When I get the supplies, I’ll write a review.

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Onto Roc! I’ve never tried any products from Roc before so this was a first. Easy squeeze bottle. Ah-mah-zing! The smell was nice, not floral or heavily perfumed. It reminds me of lemon grass and herbs not in a bad way. That’s really all the pros. Onto the cons. While the first few days of use gave me baby soft skin, the effect really stopped working after the first week. Nothing had changed. Plus, I did a little research on alphahydroxy acids (AHAs) and they don’t work in cleansers because they get washed away. They need to be in moisturizer form in order to work. The cleanser wasn’t creamy. It was fluid-like and watery where I just popped the top and it would easily drip. I paid around $6 for this I think. It isn’t worth the money I spent. It has exfoliating micro-spheres that give it a nice feeling when washing but I had a lot of dead skin left on my face. However, all skin types are different. You win some, you lose some. So far, I have been losing a lot of money on facial soaps. I haven’t found my HG yet but when I do, I will be so happy! I rate this 1 out of 5 stars.