Today’s Rant: Beware Shipping charges on Ebay

by aliceinloubieland

As many of you know, Ebay is a great place to find lemmings, HTF and VHTF polishes that are discontinued. Well, today as I was browsing away, I am quite appalled by the shipping charges that some sellers include in their listings. For example, one lists $7.95 for priority mail. USPS requires that all nail polishes be sent via parcel post only (due to risk of flammable liquids), which is first class and parcel with a label that reads “Consumer Commodity” and “ORM-D” marked in a square. The only difference is first class has a weight restriction of 13oz.

Now for 11oz (which is approximately 3-5 bottles depending on the brand), the first rate cost is $2.99 (online via Paypal) with free delivery confirmation. If shipped priority small flat rate, that is $4.90 and $6.20 for plain priority. Now some sellers include fees for bubble wrap, labels, supplies, gas going to the post office but that’s a whole ‘nother story. (USPS has carrier pick-up for certain locations!) For one bottle of polish, how could a seller possibly charge $7.95 for shipping? Tsk tsk. At most, that bubbled envelope (7 x 9) could only weight about half an ounce. You could buy a 10-pack of bubbled envelopes for $2-$3. Ahem, moving on…

Now I understand that some sellers also include insurance in case glass bottles break, but in my opinion, I believe any insurance bought for priority will be void with polish purchases. Why? USPS doesn’t allow flammable fluids in the air. When they investigate, they will see exploded polish and glass everywhere in the box and say the rules weren’t followed so they will not acknowledge the insurance claim. They regulate it for a reason. So who should lose in the end? The Ebay sellers.

So next time you see a polish on the bay that you want, ask the seller if s/he’ll ship first class instead of priority or parcel (if it meets the restriction). It’ll save you the fees and keep you both out of trouble with USPS. And try to ask in the nicest way possible so you won’t lose your chances to snatching up that lemming! In the end, pay for what you are willing to pay. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful afternoon!