Baking soda as dry shampoo? Day 5

by aliceinloubieland

As you may know that I went no ‘poo. Yesterday I wanted to do a vinegar wash but I was just too lazy. My crown and the back of my head felt greasy but nothing that made my day bad. So I undid my braid (and it had a wonderful sweet scent to it), dusted on some backing soda, and massaged it into my scalp. I let it sit for a while then took my trusty boar hair brush and combed out as much as I could. The process was long which is why I didn’t state in the title “quick”, but hey, it beats the time it takes to wash hair with CO plus drying time.

BS was collected on my brush and it was gray with plenty of dust. I combed as much as I could into the sink. I felt like I was cleaning soap scum from a tub. It took me about 15 minutes, combing everything out until I was tired. The results? It yielded some nice results. I had volume but my hair was quite dry, not crispy or like straw. Nothing a little moroccan oil couldn’t fix. My crown was soft and everything was manageable. I like what I saw. So should you try it next time you wake up late for work or school? I say, give it a go. It might surprise you.