Hair Detox Day 4 and Nail Mail

by aliceinloubieland

Good morning. So I received a package last night from a blog sale. Everyone raved about this polish and how it’s HTF. I haven’t swatched it yet.Introducing from the OPI 2001 World Collection. It is not B3F.


It’s quite spectacular if I may say. Sort of like a metallic purple beetle. Many reviews said that the multichrome doesn’t really show up on the nails, only at certain specific angles. I will see when I actually try for the first time.

Onto my update on the hair detox. My hair is manageable but stringy and greasy. I washed with water last night after I worked out, then combed it forever with a boar brush. Then braided it and slept like that. It holds quite well like gel but I won’t wear it down. It feels too nasty. I should’ve taken photos but I lent it to a friend. I should get it back later this week. Well that’s all for now. I’m running short for time. Until next time then! Ciao!