Recycling old colored NP bottles

by aliceinloubieland

Hi all. Do you have one or more colored bottles of empty nail polish bottles just lying around, like for example this one by Sally Hansen?

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I have a tendency to recycle everything and I mean everything. I reuse any empty nail polish bottles, shampoo pumps become dish washing soap dispensers, used boxes and bubble wrap are all collected, etc.I have SH Miracle Nail Thickener that I haven’t used to decant or franken polish with since it’s painted. I tried once removing the paint with pure acetone but it wouldn’t budge. So last night, I started scratching the paint off with my fingernail. Yes, bad move so I stopped but I had on hand an old emery board file and used that to scratch off the paint. You wouldn’t believe the results. It was truly amazing. It scratched right off. Please be careful of the dust and if you do this, be in a well ventilated area. Wear gloves too. It does get messy.

Before photo:

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In between photo:


After photo:


Cool huh? Now you have a reason to reuse that colored bottle! Expect to see minor scratches on the glass though they are not too obvious. Yes, I shouldn’t have decanted purple polish into a purple bottle. But it works. Try it out sometime. You are saving Earth from trash! Thanks for reading!