Hair Detox and Mani of the day

by aliceinloubieland

Good morning everyone. So for those who have been up to date with this blog, I have ended my garlic experiment but last night, I took up a new one. Many people are going no ‘poo, meaning they’ve stopped using shampoos and conditioners that do nothing for your hair except strip it of its natural oils, resulting in the overproduction of oils, thus creating greasy hair. Two summers ago, I heard stories and result of washing hair with only water. After 2 weeks, my hair was greasy and unmanageable especially on my crown. It was so gross I had to wash my hair with shampoo. Two years have pass then and I’ve read good results about vinegar. Yes, vinegar, the stuff you eat in salad dressings, the stuff used in laundry and cleaning and other miscellaneous everyday jobs. This stuff cuts through grease like nothing and dissolves hard water stains. Yes, I use this for house cleaning. It works.

So last night I decided to use some in my hair since it had been a few days since I washed my hair. I use Head and Shoulders, and no, I don’t have dandruff. I use it because I’m quite allergic to other shampoos I’ve tried and this was the only 1 that worked for me. I already had some vinegar in a spray bottle so I lathered up, spritzed it on, let it sit for a good minute or 2 and washed it out. I felt “oily” to the touch and I was afraid that the smell wouldn’t go away so I stayed in the bathroom until my hair was dry enough to touch. I couldn’t believe the results. My hair was soft and shiny. It was tangle-free. I wanted to see if the results would hold up for a week. Morning comes and it feels like there is very little oil build-up on my crown. Lots of others bloggers have said they have more “bounce” and natural volume to their hair and that they don’t need to style it anymore. I want to reach that point and hopefully my hair will like this as much as I do. I will keep this up for the next few months, and will update you weekly.

Now as for the manicure of the day, ta-da!


Isn’t it gorgeous? I used 2 coats of Zoya Trixie for the base, 2 coats of Sally Hansen Diamond and 1 coat of Essie Set in Stones. It’s a lot prettier in life. My camera never wants to pick up the rainbow colors it sees. It can’t handle it. I love the result. Plus it’s my birthday today. Great day for a new manicure! I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!