End of Garlic Experiment Day 25 and Frankened polish of the day

by aliceinloubieland

Good morning everyone. Today is day 25 of my garlic experiment and I’ve decided to call it quits. I believe I have enough data to conclude my findings and to end this (almost) month long scientific experiment. (Or maybe I just miss polishing my nails.) Plus, my index nails broke and the different lengths have been annoying me for the longest time now. And they seem to interfere when I work out. This doesn’t mean I will stop using garlic. I will just stop being meticulous about recording data on a daily basis. However, I hope you found my experiment helpful in some way. Onto the graphs. I did notice my labeling was off on some of the graphs so I changed it. SO tried to correct me and even offered to help set things up on Excel but I was stubborn and wanted to learn on my own. So drum roll please!!!

Graph 1


Graph 2


Graph 3 of day 1 to day x


Graph 4 of day 1 to day x


Graph 5


Graph 6


To conclude, garlic promotes nail growth and strengthens them over a long period of time. As you can see from graphs 1-4, there are many plateaus where I assume the cells “rest” and there is no growth. You must also factor in cuticle growth. There were some days when I pushed my cuticles back and some days I didn’t. If you don’t push your cuticles back, expect to see some depressions in your graphs and/or decreases in your measurements. To get accurate measurements, I suggest you push back the cuticles prior to measuring. I also noticed that if you have bigger nail beds, they will grow faster. My LP is smaller than my RP, so in the graphs 5-6, you can tell that my LP had the slowest growth due to a smaller surface area. A lot of factors may come in play but this is only my guess. I’ve not done any scientific research to this yet but I am sure there are lots of papers out there about nail growth.

I won’t show you any data as it’s just charts full of numbers and who would want to see that. Let’s move on to the next subject. I’ve recently had a lemming for ChG LOL, a yummy purple holographic polish from the OMG Collection. If you haven’t seen the collection yet, visit Scrangie for the swatches. They are TDF! I don’t know why I didn’t get them when they first came out but no regrets because I frankened my own purple holo-y goodness! Three to be exact.


This is 1 coat under 2 coats of a purple franken polish. I wish the middle one was more pigmented with holographic particles but my ratio is off. I will try again another day but for now, I am satisfied. If you can’t tell from my photos, I really need a camera that can actually use macro settings. It was so hard for the lens to pick up on the holographics and the sun didn’t help either. Thanks for taking the time to read today’s long post. Be safe and have a lovely day!