Sally Hansen Prisms Sighting!!!

by aliceinloubieland

Good evening everyone! So I wanted to share with everyone my finds for today. I’m sure the majority of you have heard of Grocery Outlet and there are 2 near me that both have… wait for it… Sally Hansen Prisms! They come in a 5-pack for $6 plus tax. They only had Diamond, Blush diamond (in 2 versions), South Sea Pearl and Fire Opal. These are vintage so they are not 3-free. So check it out if you have one around you. It may vary from store to store location.

On to the bad news. So my left index nail broke but I am still amazed by it. It has since been flaking as I bent one of the corners inward but I think the garlic helped it stay strong. It wasn’t until I used it as a tool to rip some stickers off. So now I’m stuck with both my index fingers short but it won’t affect my experiment.

If you have time, check out this blog. She’s also doing a garlic experiment on her nails and I can’t wait to compare my results with hers! Thanks for taking the time to read my post and have a wonderful evening!