Time for a little experiment!

by aliceinloubieland

So as you probably heard that rubbing garlic on your nails is suppose to strengthen them and make them grow faster. So I’ve heard but I’ve never seen the results, the photos nor the data providing conclusive evidence. I’ve searched far and wide throughout the internet, hoping that some blogger or scientist like me recorded some data to prove this improvement in nail structure. So it got me thinking as the scientist I am, I should do my own little experiment.

My control will be my right hand and I will test the garlic on my left hand. Once a week or daily depending on how much time I have, I will record measurements from each individual nail from the cuticle up to the end. I will also include other factors such as biotin and vitamin pills that I recently started taking on a weekly basis and they will be noted as well as photographs on a weekly/daily basis. Of course other factors include my diet, what I am doing with my hands, etc. that may influence my nail growth. However, the only thing I am doing to my left is adding garlic so my lifestyle will not change. I’m so excited for the experiment and I hope you enjoy it too!

I take half a Centrum Women’s Multivitamin which in a whole pill contains 800 IU vitaminD, 40mcg biotin and 500mg calcium; caltrate 600mg calcium and 400 IU vitaminD; and biotin 1000mcg. I do not take the vitamins daily. I will take half of one pill and in 2 days time or more, take half of another pill.  For example, if I take half of the multivitamin on Monday, I will wait until Wednesday/Thursday to take half the caltrate then again wait another 2-3 days time to take the multivitamin again. I will take biotin every day.

So I have cleaned my nails, pushed back my cuticles and measured each one. I have also taken half a caltrate and a biotin pill.

Right hand (inches)

  • Thumb (T) – 1/2
  • Index (I) – 1/2
  • Middle (M) – 17/32
  • Ring (R) – 17/32
  • Pinky (P) – 15/32


Left hand (inches)

  • T – 17/32
  • I – 17/32
  • M – 17/32
  • R – 17/32
  • P – 7/16


Yes they are sadly stained. That is what I get for not using a base coat. I’ve yet to find my HG. I have already rubbed some garlic on my left hand and will keep it for at least an hour. I have a notebook which I will record my data so no worries if I leave anything out. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!