Zoya Rina

by aliceinloubieland

Hi everyone! Today’s post will be about nail polish. From the Zoya Gems and Jewels Holiday Collection 2011, Rina! Image

Now I’ve had this polish for a while but never got around to using it until this past week. I’ve had it on for about 5 days with minor chips around the edges of my nails. This polish is glitter, glitter, glitter! With holographic and green bar glitter, it was so easy to apply. Since I didn’t have a base coat, I used 2 coats of Revlon Barely Peach, 1 coat of a frankened grass green polish and 2 coats of Rina with 2 layers of top coat. I think I could have built it up just by itself but glitter is a pain to take off! I went through 4 cotton balls!


This is how Rina looks in the shade.


Ahem, excuse my dry cuticles! That day I was in a rush to head to San Jose! That’s all for today’s post! Let me know what you think of this polish! Have a wonderful day!