Hello blog world!

by aliceinloubieland

Welcome to my blog! My name is Pa and I reside in the sunny west coast side of the US. Please bare with me through thick and thin as this is my first time blogging. Any tips and questions to make my blog life easier (or harder haha) would be highly appreciated. I will blog about many interests and ideas that have overflood my mind. I can’t wait to share them all with you.

First off, I’d like to make an announcement. I was browsing through my local Grocery Outlet maybe a week ago and happened upon a line full of the hard to find Sally Hansen Prisms nail polishes which came in a pack of 5. There was at least 15 packs just sitting there, hidden in a corner. Yes, I know I am late at making this announcement but I felt like I was the first to discover them. Check out your local GO. They might be gone by now, but you never know. I bought 2 packs which had Diamond, Blush Diamond, South Sea Pearl, Fire Opal and a second smaller bottle of Blush Diamond. They sadly didn’t have the Lapis Amethyst I dearly wanted. I haven’t swatched them as I am currently wearing another polish but I have seen swatches from other blogs. When I do get the chance, I will start posting photos I promise! So until next time!

Love, Pa